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One Hundred Dates has meant a lot of things. It’s been a blog. It’s been an adventure. It’s been a grueling schedule. At its core though, it has always been a social experiment and a personal journey.

After spending years as a serial monogamist, I found myself heartbroken, single and living in New York City. Thanks to a matchmaking friend, I went on my first adult date in February of 2011 at the age of 25. It was a blast. It was fun. It was eye opening.

I had always thought that you only went on a date if you already liked a person and intended to date them seriously. In general, you knew you wanted to be with them. What I found was that it was amazing to not feel the pressure of a relationship and to simply get to know someone new, to flirt and maybe if I was lucky, even get a kiss out of the whole deal.

Around the same time, I began talking to friends about dating in NYC and many of them were frustrated. It was stressful. It was a game. It was rarely what they wanted it to be—fun. Sure, people were usually dating with some kind of romance in mind, whether it be true love or a casual encounter, but that goal seemed to get in the way of enjoying the experience with another person.

A successful date seemed to be a matter of perspective. Dates didn’t have to signify love. A date could just be a great way for two people who had some mutual attraction to hang out one-on-one and do something out of their regular routine. I wanted to explore that angle. I wanted to learn how to date—no matter the circumstance. I wanted to see who would be adventurous enough to tag along.

Perhaps most of all, I wanted to stay single to one year of my adult life—something I’d never accomplished.

Inspired by Gaby Dunn’s incredible 100 Interviews, I created a list of 100 dates that I went on in one year, between July 2011 and June 2012. That meant just under 2 dates a week with 89 different women, 2 men and a group of speed-daters, all on top of my regular life working a 9-to-5 financial software gig and spending many a night performing improv comedy.

Though I had intended to track all the dates in a real-time blog, that simply wasn’t possible. So, now that it’s all over, I am taking the time to make good on my promise and write about each and every date.

It was a crazy ride. I’m excited to share the stories and what I learned along the way.

— Evan

This video was on the original site as an introduction:


These rules were considered heading into each date.

  • No phoning it in.
  • No more than a handful of dates with the same person.
  • No women I would avoid dating normally.
  • No single date would account for more than one off the list.
  • Addendum: Everyone had to know about OHD.

Evan Forde Barden


Born and raised in the MA state, but living in NYC, Evan used to describe himself as a serial monogamist. In order to combat that tendency and to learn about the dating world, he went on 100 dates in one year.

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From Evan’s dating profile, circa 2011:

Height: 5’10.75”

Weight: 140 lbs

Build: Slim

Hometown: Winchester, MA

  • I try my hardest not to take myself too seriously.
  • I love travel, comedy, and music more than anything.
  • I try to visit one new country each year.
  • I’ve been doing improv comedy for about 7 years.
  • I’ve played a couple open mics by myself. They went as expected.
  • I like sports.
  • I’m often very opinionated but believe strongly in different strokes for different folks.
  • Yuppies think I’m a hipster and hipsters think I’m a yuppie.  People who know me know that I’m neither.

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